In this essay I will be expressing how Ron Suskind uses language techniques to present the difficulties of Cedric’s education in part one and two of his articles. Cedric goes through many difficulties when in Ballou. For example, receiving abuse and violence and getting bullied for doing well. Then at MIT he couldn’t keep u with the work at times and was struggling. Throughout the articles Mr. Suskind uses language techniques to suggest that getting a good education was difficult for Cedric. Continue reading

  1. “what” change dependent on the situation. It has meanings like please explain, or a rhetorical question, saying shut up or how dare you.
  2. “Ayo” is way I communicate to people I know and I’m trying to get their attention. I also use this word to say to people I do not know and try to scare them off and leave my ends

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I believe that by Caesar and Brutus knowing the horrible fate they make it happen. I think that if they did not know they would not have been the death of Caesar on the ides of March. In the play the idea fate was used a few times which makes the play predictable but interesting, […]

I believe that this scene represents the guilt and being frightened. In this scene brutus is speaking to the “ghost of Caesar.” I believe this represents the guilt of Caesar’s death because, he is alone when he sees the ghost which means that it is in his head and he has had bad thoughts after […]

Act 3 scene 3 is when the revolution starts. This scene is short. The croud are furious at the death of Caesar and seek revenge. The Croud find Cinna the poet and are ¬†questioning him. When they found out his name was cinna they thought that he was a conspirator, so they killed him. The […]

In this text I will tell how Shakespeare uses Dramatic Irony to build tension and play with the idea of fate. Dramatic Irony is when the audience knows more than the characters in the play. For example in act 1 scene 2 the Soothsayer said ‘beware the Ides Of March.’ This causes an effect on […]